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Creative Feature: Artist & “Jacktress of All Trades” Goldiloks

art, design and photography by Goldiloks

How do you describe a friend that does it all? The feeling as is comparable to birthday gift shopping for the friend that “has it all.”

Goldiloks is a pastry chef, photographer, artist, seamstress, jewelry designer and a new mommy from Oakland, CA.

She specializes in Edible Canvases such as custom cakes, cookies & miniature desserts.

Other mediums include mixed media with street art influences where her main tools are resin, wood, and acrylic paint.

And she’s so good at it all that it’ll make you sick with envy! But don’t worry, she gives tips and recipes on her blog where she’s always updating on her new projects.

This feature has been a long time coming — in fact I’ve wanted to feature Goldiloks as far back as 2008, so enjoy!

Latest Recipe

Pink Chocolate Diamond Truffles


  • Silcone mold: Buy
  • Chocolate: Buy
  • Silicone paint brush: Buy
  • Mini spatula: Buy


  • Color the mold a slight pretty pink, then take the silicone paint brush, and paint the inside of the mold with a pretty good coat.
  • Next, throw it in the freezer. You’ll want them to set fast so after a few minutes, they should be hard.
  • Take them out, and stuff them with a tiny bit of Cakie Bite mixture.
  • Take the brush and paint a “Top” (or bottom) to your diamonds.
  • Take a mini spatula and smooth it out, make it flat. You want it to be able to sit flat as possible when they come out of the mold.
  • Throw them back in the freezer and in a few minutes, they should pop out fairly easily.
  • Be somewhat careful getting them out, the ridge of the mold must be pulled back to pop them out. You’ll get 6 pretty little Pink Diamonds.

Artist Goldiloks


For all order inquires and booking info email Goldiloks at Also, keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter at @msgoldiloks.

See more of her work on Flickr.