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Origomu: Recycled Plastic Meets Design

Origomu is a fantastic movement that transforms the simple act of recycling plastic materials into a form of creative expression. It is artwear that inspires both creative thought and a greater sense of stewardship toward our planet.

To date they have collected and reused over 201,772 six-pack rings through our website, online design contest, workshops & design organizations. Origomu recently had a contest where designers from all over the world designed pieces based on originality, six-pack ring transformation, and wearability. Check out the winners below:

The Origomu initiative

The designer behind Origomu is Tatiana Pagés. Chilean by birth and Dominican by heart, she now lives in New York City. For the past 10 years Tatiana has been exploring the relationship between the environment and our identity and how accessories are rituals for cultural expressions.

Her designs are both a voice and a statement against aggressions to the environment. Tatiana began experimenting with six-pack rings in the summer of 2009, her main goal was to inspire people to take action using art and design as the trigger to protect the environment.

They need your help

Please send your plastic six-pack rings to the address below to continue the offering of free workshops and to help keep them away from the shores.You can also support the movement or become a sponsor by donating funds to the organization, hosting an exhibit, spreading the word, talking or writing about us, or hosting a workshop.

Please send the plastic six-pack rings you collect at home, at work or the supermarket to:

Attn: Tatiana Pagés
Greencard Creative
1285 Avenue of the Americas, 5th floor
New York, NY 10019