Beyonce Move Your Body workout video

Watch: Beyoncé Plans To Get You Moving with “Move Your Body” Flash Workout

Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” Workout Video

Beyoncé has teamed up with our First Lady Michelle Obama and her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign to promote more activity and healthier eating habits for children and their families.

Earlier this month, we heard the track, a remix of “Get Me Bodied,” on which will definitely get kids and adults of all ages moving!

Soon after the song debuted, schools like Houston’s Welch Middle School seemed to be rolling the dance routine into their own program.

The fun and adorable official video to “Move Your Body” will likely inspire even more people to learn the moves as the song and dance incorporates hip-hop, salsa, and dancehall elements.

With physical education being cut from schools across the country, the fight against childhood obesity is now — as it really always has been — the responsibility of parents.

Hopefully efforts from popular artists like Beyoncé will get adults setting better examples. Watch below.

Official Video

The intelligent use of alternating from the HD shots to camera phone shots keeps the feeling of authenticity. And off-topic, I love Bey’s shoes in this video!

Welch Middle School Version