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Twitter Still Refuses to Accept That Their User Experience is Crap

Twitter is basically saying that it has “enough third-party apps like Seesmic, Hoosuite, and Tweetdeck so build other stuff, developers!”

CNET — Ryan Sarver, who leads the company’s platform team, said in an announcement on the company’s developer discussion group that existing third-party clients can continue to operate but they will be held to rigorous standards of privacy and consistency.

The micro-messaging company said it now makes the top five Twitter clients (including its Web site) and says 90 percent of its active users use its apps at least once a month.

Are they kidding? I need to see this data because I applaud any poor dedicated souls that will tolerate Twitter’s idea of a user interface. Well maybe not applaud… how about the first round of drinks on me?

Personally, I try to stay off the main site as much as I possibly can and for mobile usage, I use Seesmic mobile.

However, not everyone feels that this new move is problematic. says,

In June of 2009 (and in many Tweets the years before), I suggested that “Twitter has never had control over how Tweets get to users.” I suggested that by owning the client they own advertising, and that was the best way they could monetize. By making this move today they’re putting their stake in the sand (albeit without buying Tweetdeck, but buying Tweetie instead), and taking control of some really great ways to monetize Twitter.”

“New Twitter” via

The ability to earn money is important but this is their best strategy? Third-party developers can’t incorporate Twitter’s advertising needs?

Apparently not. They want developers to “leave the heart of the experience” to Twitter. Regardless of what Twitter WANTS to do, there’s one thing we know they do NOT execute well: usabilty.  And my guess, they know it too.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say poor usability is at all responsible for Twitter’s low retention rates. The “New Twitter” had so much hype around it but as users began to test the roll-out, it left many annoyed and confused by the congestion.

Close to half the page in their “new” site is wasted space, filled with non-features like trends.”

– lnxwalt

When I started using Twitter in 2009, I immediately ran into the arms of Seesmic and eventually moved on to Tweetdeck (I guess that would make me a Twitter-slut). Since then, I’ve had to show some friends and family that they aren’t stuck with using only, thus converting their HATE of the service into serious obsession.

The ability to customize your Twitter experience with consistently evolving features is why people use other clients… clients that do what Twitter does not.

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Twitter, I enjoy your service — some would say I’m an addict, but your website and apps suck. Your user experience sucks.

Leave it to the third-party developers.