We Love Phantogram’s “When I’m Small” Even If They Are Now ‘Uncool’

Phantogram‘s When I’m Small debuted during this week’s airing of MTV’s Skins and I went searching for the band immediately. But apparently, anyone who is now a fan of the pop duo because of Skins will be automatically hated by all who loved the, before they “sold out.”

I find it a little unfair, although this is a common reaction when people realize they’ll have to share their favorite artist with the world. I sometimes catch myself about to throw a “but I heard of them first” tantrum but my good sense calms me down.

I then wish the artist(s) the best and hope “the industry” doesn’t “ruin them.” With that said, seattleweekly.com found some really upset Youtube trolls whining (which is what they do best):

“In a single night, Phantogram’s made a legion of new teen fans–which is upsetting their legion of existing, non-Skins-demographic fans. Check out the below sampling of YouTube comments left by kids who looked up “When I’m Small” just last night:

i hate how people know this song cause of skins. oi, people.”

I liked them way before that gay shit skins…”

Fuckenn selloutsss. That’s it. I’m done with you guys.”

As an advocate of people doing their own thing — if you like it… fan it, support it, download it, buy it, share it. In the words of Cartman, “I do what I WAAAANT!”

Watch: Official video for “When I’m Small”