NY Public Library

Creative Feature: Ryan M. Steele Photography

NY Public Library by Ryan M. Steele

About Ryan

Ryan M. Steele is a photographer and graphic designer from Virginia who now resides in Los Angeles. His shots immediately bring you right into the action as they are often spacious and very detailed.

Photographer Ryan Steele

How he got started…

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but I’d say about three years ago was when I realized how into photography I really was. I’ve lived in LA since ’07 but the majority of my friends and family are still back east.

I started using my photos as a tool to share what I was seeing with them and it just sort of developed from there. The tipping point for me was the first time I was exposed to the dramatic tones and surreal look of high-dynamic range (HDR) photography.

Since the technique relies heavily on post-processing, I end up making pictures as opposed to just taking them, allowing me to add my own flavor to the images without actually changing them.”

Tools he uses most…

Camera: Nikon D7000
Gear: Standard Tripod & Joby Gorillapod for the tricky shots
Computer: MacBook Pro + 24″ Samsung Monitor
Software: Nikon View NX2, Photomatix Pro, Topaz Adjust, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Shooting Preferences…

Landscapes, architecture, candid portraits…I enjoy shooting everything except overly posed, generic portraits. I see myself as an observer more than a director, so if I do shoot portraits they’re more so in-the-moment…I like for my work to capture the essence of the scene, and that can’t be scripted.”

Ryan’s motivation…

I’m a naturally competitive person so I want to be the best at whatever I do. I don’t have any formalized photographic training (I went to business school, the polar opposite of art school) so I’m constantly looking for a new technique or style that I can add to my toolkit, and learning something new with every shot I create.

Seeing the improvement from shot to shot and getting feedback–whether positive or negative–serves as plenty motivation to get out and fill up a few more cards.”


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You see more of Ryan Steele’s work and contact him at www.ryanmsteele.com and follow him on Twitter at @SteelePix