State of the Union, Obama, Twitter

January 2011 State of the Union – Twitter Highlights

I had my share of favorite moments not only from President Obama‘s speech but from the real-time online comments by others. My Twitter timeline was on fire:

ONLY parents can make sure the TV is turned off and homework is done.”

– Obama

Can Boehner wipe that fucking bratty-child-look off his face?”

– @c_pichardo / @NandoMAlvarez

I can’t wait for the youtube remix with Boehner laser eye-darts”

– @Kissmyblackads

Teachers are Nation Builders”

– @alvinthethird / @kalanlaws

John McCain looks like a potato”

–  @YolieTheJew / @FreakyJay703 / @gorgeoussphe

Obama Predicts World’s Highest Proportion of College Graduates in America, Presumably After They Get Here from China!”

– @TheInDecider

What I’m not willing to do is go back to the days when insurance companies could deny someone because of a pre-existing condition”

– Obama

On health care:

If you have any ideas on how to improve this law by making care better, and more affordable, let me work with you.”

– Obama via @TheAtlantic

Let’s fix what needs fixing and let’s MOVE FORWARD…”

– Obama

Run for office, become an educator, help a child, change the world, or shut your mouth!”

– @punch_vj / @Principal_EL

John Boehner’s face says, ‘But trampling on the backs of the vulnerable is so HILARIOUS.'”

– @BabylonSista / @jbouie

The best thing about watching the #SOTU is that you can see who gives a shit about you, and who dont.”

– @YolieTheJew / @Mr_Spann

He’s constantly reaching across the aisle. They keep spitting in his hand.”

– @theFreshXpress / @mrashtontaylor

… both parties in Congress should know this: if a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it.”

– Obama via @GlobalGrind

In South Sudan – with our assistance – the people were finally able to vote for independence after years of war.”

– Obama via @whitehouse

Remember @BET News? It’d be cool if we still had that & commentary on the #SOTU and its impact on AFAMs”

– @sdotwalton

The United States of America stands with the people of Tunisia and supports the Democratic aspirations of all peoples.”

– Obama via @TheAtlantic

Johnny’s in the wrong seat tonight. He better pray that Xanax doesn’t wear off.”

– Author @MsTerryMcMillan

Obama’s tryin to make Boener cry! Go Barry!!”

– @billmaher

Y’all see how mad the military officers were when Obama said he was letting gays in?? They was looking like: ‘This Nig…'”

– @willpowerpacker

Well, the #SOTU is over. Time for endless analysis. MSNBC: President walks on water. FOX: President can’t swim!”

– @deongordon

What? How is this speech like Reagan at all? For one… black people liked it. So right there the comparisons have to stop.”

– @rodimusprime

Why are they commentaing on the crowd? What about what was said?”

– @jumpchrisjump

Thank you ALL for making such a historical event an equally hilarious one!