Listen: Little Anchor’s “Until Our Eyes Adjust”

Little Anchor, photography by cessemi

Brooklyn-based indie/folk/pop band Little Anchor was originally a solo project of Alexa Cabellon out in the Pacific Northwest.

She eventually decided to head back to her college home of New York City to form a full band with friends Kendrick Lo, Thomas White, and Ian Chang.

The band blends the storytelling, melancholy, and simplicity of the Northwest with a pop sensibility developed and influenced by the observations and experiences of living in New York.

“Until Our Eyes Adjust,” from their forthcomingYellow Lights EP, is a delicate, uncluttered song. Soft strings, guitar, and a voice that melts the ice in our veins.

Playing their first gig at a tiny café deep in New York City’s Chinatown, this small frontwoman with big ideas was inspired to finish writing an EP in the winter of 2010.

Their debut acoustic EP, Sunland, was self-released on June 17, 2010, combining heavy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and sweet yet versatile vocals.

[thanks KnoxRoadcessemi]