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Volkswagen Polo Commercial: ‘Last Tango in Compton’

Volkswagen Polo 'Last Tango in Compton' Commercial

Volkswagen Polo’s Sexy ‘Last Tango in Compton’ Commercial

I’m not sure this makes me want to buy a car, but it’s undeniably sexy!

This is the new Volkswagen Polo commercial ‘Last Tango in Compton,’ from DDB UK and award winning director Jonathan Glazer (of Guinness Surfer, Sony Paint and Levis Odyssey) from Academy Films.

Shot in north London ‘Last Tango in Compton’ stars two of the world’s best Tango dancers – Gasper Godoy, Argentinean Tango World Champion, and partner Manuella Rossi, the world number two.

The pair dance a specially choreographed routine overseen by one of the world’s foremost choreographers with a unique, simultaneous set-up of over 20 different camera’s following their every move.

[thanks: @kissmyblackads]